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A few links to sites containing Buffy/Faith fanfictions
Some people might be impressed by the sheer amount of Buffy/Faith Fanfictions all over the net and I am not even listing the countless Yahoo Groups that feature this Ship. I will add them later though.

If you know even more sites, feel free to leave a link here.

It should be noted, that some of the sites linked here contain the same fanfictions over and over again.

The owners of buffynfaith.net are not responsible for the content on the pages linked here!

Link to us
Buffy & Site Banner Link to us:
Buffy & Faith

-:wicked & divine:-
Site Banner Probably the largest ressource for Buffy/Faith fanfictions on the net.

Uber Etc.
Site Banner This site provides you with fanfiction/chapter updates of f/f fanfiction of very many different fandoms all over the net.

Site Banner French/English Site with mostly Buffy/Faith fanfictions.

Rocky path, the virtual series - a Buffy the Vampire Slayer virtual webseries
Site Banner French/English Faith centric virtual continuation of BTVS, not B/F though.

Site Banner Loads of slash fanfictions here including some B/F ones I haven't seen anywhere else.

Kind Of Love You -- the Buffy/Willow slash fanfic archive
Site Banner Well done and organized site with loads of Buffy/Willow fanfictions here.

Oralfxatn -Humor, Heart & Heat
Site Banner Great Site with lots and all kind of Buffy/Faith fanfictions.

Site Banner FanFiction.Net sorted by the characters Buffy/Faith.

Buffy Fiction Archive
Site Banner Buffy Fiction Archive sorted by Buffy/Faith pairing.

~ ^ ~ f a i t h  4  b u f f y ~ ^ ~
Site Banner This must have been a great site while it was still maintained. Anyways, some of fanfiction links still work.

Passion and Perfection: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Site Banner The BtVS section at Passion and Perfection contains a fair amount of Buffy/Faith fanfictions.

WyndGyrl - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Femslash - Lesbian Fan Fiction
Site Banner A relatively small site containing some Buffy/Faith fanfictions.

The Mystic Muse
Site Banner Buffy/Faith fanfictions at The Mystic Muse.

:: Forever Faith ::
Site Banner Buffy/Faith fanfictions at Forever Faith.

Faith Rocks!
Site Banner Faith centric Fanfictions at Faith Rocks!.

Ademia's Lair
Site Banner There's quite a few fanfics here that you won't find on other sites.

Site Banner A nice french/english site with a few fanfictions and an amazing theory on the B/F Ship :-)

Dark Moon Subtext-BtVS and Angel Femslash
Site Banner Buffy/Faith Fanfictions at Dark Moon Subtext.

Kitty's Pad
Site Banner Buffy/Faith Fanfiction at Kitty's Pad.

Site Banner Small archive of DreamForge with a few Buffy/Faith fanfictions.

.: blood & fire :.
Site Banner Only a few Buffy/Faith fanfictions on this page.

~:~ faithful devotion ~:~
Site Banner Buffy/Faith fanfictions at faithful devotion.

UnConventional RelationShippers Fan Fiction Archive
Site Banner There are a lot of fanfictions, though the Buffy/Faith ones are a little hard to find.

Secret Slayer
Site Banner A lot of fanfictions here, not all of them are Buffy/Faith though.

Site Banner A lot of fanfictions here, not all of them are Buffy/Faith though.

Site Banner A lot of fanfictions here as well, but once again, not all of them are Buffy/Faith.

Kinks Or Vanilla.net Version 7: The Kiss of Death
Site Banner Nice site with forums, fanart and a few B/F fanfictions.

Sunnydale: Dylan Style
Site Banner Small site with Dylan's Buffy/Faith fanfictions.

Electra's Elsewhere
Site Banner Small site with Electra's fanfictions including a few Buffy/Faith ones.

Site Banner Buffy/Faith fanfictions at ClawsOfTheRaven.

The Cat's Meow
Sorry, couldn't find the banner of this page! A few fanfictions here, but once again, not all of them are Buffy/Faith.

The Slayer's Fanfic Archive
Site Banner This is a tough one. Use the search page and filter warnings by femslash. With a bit of luck you'll find the Buffy/Faith fics.

Site Banner AdultFanFiction.Net, Category TV-Shows->Buffy->Female/Female, also contains quite a few Buffy/Faith fanfictions.

This site is absolutely unofficial. It's free and for paying tribute to the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. All rights of said series belong to Joss Whedon, Twentieth Century Fox, Mutant Enemy, UPN and whomsoever else, but not to the owners of this site! All Buffy & Faith Art designed by Forgotten Conscience and my niece.