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Chapter 1: V-Day

Author's Notes: Spoilers for some Buffy TV and Comic yo ~ Meant to be lighthearted...ish So yeah... if Valentines stuff can be sold all year round then hells yeah I'll make a random v-day fic of fuffy in August!



Valentine’s Day 1999

Things are wonky with Angel. Xander and Willow don’t understand why you love him, and Giles hasn’t been able to forgive what Angelus stole.

That’s why you hang out with her.

At first, anyway.

She understands you, she’s a slayer and Faith always seems to know when and what you need (mind out of the gutter). She’s insightful like that.

She’s a bit too wild, but that’s only half the reason you start getting starry-eyed at her smirk and swagger. For the first time you forget about Angel, and its Valentine’s Day so that makes you a bad girlfriend, but Faith accidentally killed a guy yesterday and shit hit the fan.

You try to convince her to tell Giles the truth. She changes the subject and is in complete denial. You can relate to denial, she’s your biggest denial after all.

Nonetheless, your mother invited her over despite all the police inquiries. Mom has an annoyingly soft spot for Faith. Since it’s the big Valentine’s day and Angel got you the most romantic things, your mood isn’t as foul as it was before but Faith is frustrating you, scaring you with how her eyes darken lately (and not in that usual lusty way she saves for eyeing you up that makes your stomach flip pancakes).

Faith comes over with a bouquet of flowers, handing them to your mom who seems to forget the whole ‘suspected of murder’ thing that happened last night. (You’re also in denial that mom’s love of material gestures is an inheritable trait).

Then stupid Faith has to blush. Mom’s already putting her flowers in a vase and you’re sulking until Faith hands you a single red rose.

She’s smitten.

And then in a week she’s evil.


Valentine’s Day 2000

You don’t know why you visit Faith in the hospital. She tried to kill you, your friends, your graduating class, your boyfriend...

She lied to you. She chose the wrong path and she left you no choice but to stop her before she became something even scarier.

All that rage inside of her... sometimes you wonder if a kiss could have stopped it.

Faith would have definitely ‘been down’ for sexing you, that’s always been obvious. Maybe you could have made a bargain? ‘We’ll get naked together but only if you stop being evil?’ Win-win situation.

... nah.

Not only is Buffy Summers so not a whore to save the world (even if the certain person you’re contemplating intrigues your mind and soul) but there was no guarantee Faith would have turned around and declared she was a good guy again once she got a piece of you.

Especially not after how you found out Faith actually liked the Mayor as if he was family. He clearly cherished her too if his attempt to suffocate you meant anything.

Besides, the past is all so past. You are totally hitting it off with Riley and...

You decide this is stupid and leave. Only pausing to drop off a red rose, dried and preserved for one year, on her bedside.

God dam it do you ever hate her and the things she makes you do.

She’s easy to get along with during her coma. She actually listens to you.


Valentine’s Day 2001

You find out Spike’s kind of, sort of, totally in love with you. Gross.

He reminds you of Faith actually, only he’s a lot more obvious about how he feels and your reaction gives you a self-epiphany of how Faith must have known that you’d be ‘grossed out.’ Maybe that’s why she never had the guts to slam you against a surface and... yeah.

You hate how you do that, comparing certain people to Angel and Faith. It’s not the leather and sexy mystery that catch you (all the time), it’s the way they’re aware and wise and always one step ahead to keep you interested.

There’s no time for Valentine’s moments what with a hell goddess after your baby sister who, by the way, is The Key to something totally ruining your good mood. Mom’s not been feeling well, Xander and Anya spend all their time together and Giles has been kind of like a hermit. Willow’s gay, Spike’s in love with you... life is pretty hectic.

Faith should just leave you alone. You don’t need an envelope with your name in her neat, cut writing. And you certainly don’t need what it contains... because it’s Valentine’s Day and Faith should know better than drawing you roses and mailing them to your home from her prison.


Valentine’s Day 2002

You screwed Spike.

Yep. Die and go to heaven, live and screw Spike.

This time last year you were disgusted with him and now... he’s your only goddamn way of feeling.

Riley’s remarried with his oh-so-cool undercover wife Sam, Anya and Xander never made it down the aisle, Willow’s been acting strange with the witchy-powers and Giles left you.

Mom’s dead.

Dawn hates you for being so sad because you’re supposed to be the strong invincible ‘Buffy The Friggen Vampire Slayer Summers’.

But they leave you alone more now that they know they pulled you out of heaven and you’re starting to hurt with their distance. They are your family after all. So you dump Spike. He didn’t take it very well.

It’s strange how Faith sends you another stupid drawn rose for Valentine’s Day... make that two. One is addressed to your mother and has a ‘rest in peace.’ You decide you’ll leave it at her grave later that night on patrol.

She’s pretty good at drawing. Why didn’t she become an artist instead of a murderer?

Instead of throwing this one in the garbage, you keep it. The small note in the corner makes you smile.

It says everything will be five by five and for the first time things seem to look up because Faith’s insightful like that.

The tiny heart at the end has nothing to do with it.


Valentine’s Day 2003

The First Evil.

What it does is more frightening then it’s so unoriginal last name.

Your house is full of terrified girls and you’re stuck protecting them like that. Giles, at least, is back. Spike has a goddamn soul and you can tell him things... Tara died and yeah... your best friend who’s afraid of frogs, who is sweet and one of the most genuine people you’ve ever met, who’s saved the world with you and stood by your side in the toughest times... she flayed a guy alive. Tried to end the world, too.

You’re working on that, with your Scooby gang. Even though you guys go through disturbing trials there’s nothing so far you haven’t been able to stand on top of.

Ok, hopefully you didn’t jinx it.

“Buffy, mail for you!” Dawn slams letters in front of you.

Bills, bills, and...

Huh. Must be Valentine’s Day.

You sneak into your room (Willow knows about Faith’s annual drawing and has probably told everyone about it) and open it.

Just as expected, a rose is drawn in the same gentle detail. So unlike Faith yet so strangely like her – you can’t explain it.

Then you wonder, how does she get the mail to you on time every year? LA isn’t that far for postage but still... she’s in jail and all...

It warms your heart.

You decide the first thing you’re going to do next time you see her is punch her. Right in the face.


Valentine’s Day 2004

You hate Faith. Now more than ever.

Not only did she strangle you in a random Slayer’s pool out of nowhere (you punched her around but that’s no excuse!) but she fucked that goddamn Slayer who wanted to kill you. You could smell it.

Excuse you for thinking she was evil! Please, Giles, don’t excuse Faith for being... Faith! Faith isn’t at fault, no, it’s aaaalll Buffy’s fault for being transported unwillingly into the lair of someone who wants to kill her. And what kind of name is Gigi anyways?

It still makes you angry, even though it’s been half a year since the incident. But how dare Faith send you a rose, this time in a black box all fresh and expensive.

That... that bitch.

She didn’t even have the nerve to come and kiss you when you were voodooed into playing Sleeping Beauty by Amy (who was better off as a rat because a life of dating a flayed guy is just beyond ew).

You tasted cinnamon lip gloss, knew it was a girl and your first thought was Faith. God, does she ever know how to piss you off. She disappointed you, again.

If Faith was fucking other Slayers then so could you.

Satsu had gorgeous hair after all, and she’s everything Faith’s not (the female Riley, safe and sweet).


Valentine’s Day 2005

Spike’s back from the dead, Angel’s still a distant dream, Willow’s coping well, Xander’s got a new girlfriend and it happens to be your baby sister and Giles is where he’s supposed to be (with you).

You’re leading Slayers all over the world, and you’re sleeping with Satsu at least once every week.

And still, one black box on Valentine’s Day from you know who makes you mad and sad and glad and all the goddamn ‘ads.’

Faith is in the building, you can sense her. You can still smell her stupid, sexy scent of something fruity and nice in the room, and you head downstairs to the voices, her perfume a trail.

Faith’s answering many questions from Dawn’s excited voice, Giles muttering how he wishes he was there to have watched her slay a particular demon, Willow’s even smiling (though that might be because Xander is making bunny ears behind Faith’s head). Faith’s hand travels jet-fast and casually knocks Xander on his chest. He wheezes and his bunny fingers are slayed. You smile.

Then she suddenly whips her head around to you, challenging smirk on her face like she knows she’s the reason you’re smiling.

You want to punch and kiss it off her face. Maybe flipping a coin to decide would be best, only you don’t have one.

Willow keeps on laughing as Xander rubs his aching chest, Giles’s chuckles soften as he sees you. “Buffy, there you are. I haven’t seen you all week.”

You’re avoiding him because you haven’t had the courage to apologise for your fight over Dawn’s college choices and Watcher training. Dawn gives you a glower so you put your hands up in surrender.

“I’m sorry, I just... I never thought I’d say it but I miss Dawnie being a teen. Now she listens to no one but herself.”

“Same,” Faith chimes in with a grin. “Especially the moon eyes ya used to send my way.”

Dawn kicks Faith’s shin, blushing.

You don’t know where you get the courage from but you decide it’s now or never.

“Speaking of moon eyes, nice gift you left in my room. Why Faith, I had no idea you were so romantic.” Your sarcasm and smile set the stage.

Faith’s smirk disappears and her eyes go wide. She never thought you’d admit to receiving her gifts. Boy, the look on her face is priceless.

“Wh-what are you talking about.” Faith stutters, her faces turning a suspicious red. It looks like she needs some water or something.

“The rose of course,” you carry on, walking over with a confident saunter. Dawn holds her hands to her mouth to cover her own giggles and Giles starts wiping his glasses (he has a smirk that tells you he knows more than he lets on). “You know, the one you send me every Valentine’s. I kind of miss the drawings though... but I love the black boxes, they’re good for storing my stakes--”

“Is that the time,” Faith looks at her wristwatch even though she doesn’t have one. “Better go!”

She runs away and you burst out laughing, surprised when your friends join you.

They knew all along.

What’s even more surprising is Xander suggesting a great place they should go on a date for dinner to sometime, and Willow squealing about excuses to get out of the Castle and shop so you can look hotter than your date on your date, Dawnie has this gentle look in her eyes, and Giles advises you order some kind of weird sounding wine when you go out to dinner.

And they’re serious.

You’re speechless at the image of you and Faith out to dinner... but...

Oh yeah, you could definitely do that.



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