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Chapter 1: 1

Author's Notes:

By the time Buffy, Faith and Giles arrived on scene it had been too late, the demon had fled from the cemetery grounds. The Slayers ran to see if they could catch up with him but from what Giles could see of the broken shards of glass on the ground the curse had already been used. Surveying the area he was frighten for the lives of the others. Willow, Tara and Xander had gone on patrolling for the demonic creature that called himself Kaeo but they had truly underestimated the beast this time and possibly the last time they would get a chance.

A rush of hope came over Giles as he heard a twig snap near by, they must still be alive. “Willow? Tara..it's alright I won't hurt you..Xander?” He questioned and came around the corner of a large crypt. Suddenly from behind a tombstone a small girl with long red hair flew into Giles legs and hugged him tightly.

“Daddy you found us! The mean man said you wouldn't come but I knew you would.” The little girl wearing the exact same dress Willow had been before smiled up at Giles with bright green eyes and rosy cheeks. Giles heart sank looking down into the young girls face, it was obvious to him what had happened. He sighed and leaned down putting his arms around her, petting her hair gently.

“Oh gosh.” It had been as he suspected the demon had stolen their young adult bodies and reverted them back to children. “There, there Willow my darling, it will be alright I'm here.” He sighed. “Now where are the other two hiding?” Little Willow smiled and grabbed Giles's sleeve tugging him towards their hiding spot.

“It's ok guys it's just my Father.” She called out then beamed as she reached to help Tara up from under the hole in the large tree where both of them had hid from the monster.

The small blonde girl crept out of hiding taking Willow's hand and then frowned at the dirt she was covered in. “T-thank jumpins! Oh no I got my new pants all dirty! Aunty Buffy is going to spank me again!” She sighed dramatic and Willow put a hand on her shoulder. “I'm sure it will be ok.”

“No way, she won't, I'll say it was my fault, that I pushed you or something.” Xander came out of his hiding spot in the bushes fast. “Nobody messes with my best friend's, best friend.” He stuck his thumb in his chest as he puffed it out. “Captain Xander saves the day again!” He jumped on top of a tomb stone then to the ground then rolled across the grass. He then bounced to his feet standing beside the girls with a grin.

“T-thank you Alex.” Tara smiled shy, hair falling in her face as it did in her adult form. She was fond of the boy even if he was awkward, and no doubt was crawling with cooties, but Willow had been her best friend as long as she could remember, and that's the way she liked it. Tara and Willow both took one of Giles hands as he ushered them out of the bed of danger, Xander kept up the superhero act pretending to fly with his arms stretched out, staying close behind them.

“Alright then who's up for a round of milk and biscuits before bed?” There was a choir of “Me” as they walked to the car returning to the Summers home. Giles had sworn to protect them, he stood half thinking he had failed but all was not lost, not while the demon was still alive, hopefully his Slayer and her equal could find it before it was too late. For now though he had to suck it up and play Father, a role he already took with this lot, but now it was his turn to do so more then ever.

Soon enough Xander slept on the couch snoring loudly as Giles turned out the large light and twisted on the lamp. Tara and Willow had no issue racing to the top of the stairs to cuddle up in their room. Safe under the large burgundy blankets, that nearly swallowed them whole. Giles thought it was odd that they could remember so much about their own lives but the details had been changed drastically, but as brilliant as the three young ones were, each of them remained innocent.

Never before had they faced such a demonic creature with this kind of ability. Looking too the books he found only two very old accounts of what might have done this to them and neither gave him the answers he had wanted. The first option was that this was an ancient gipsy curse laid upon anyone who had misused scared items, which was one possibility with everything that had come into the magic shop this shipment was gipsy related.

The second option was that the creature lived by sucking the life out of humans. Giles guess had been that Willow managed to fend it off enough to stop the process before it was too late, only it left the three of them as children. The whereabouts of the creature and how to stop it remained a mystery.

“This isn't good at all.” Giles closed the book sitting back in his chair holding the bridge of his nose as he spoke on the phone to Buffy telling her what had happened and the things he had learned.

“What's not good, Daddy?” A tiny voice came from the doorway. Willow was clutching the stuffed Bunny which was a present from Tara, she was dressed in one of her regular bedtime shirts only now it was enough to swallow her whole. The smaller version of Willow climbed into Giles lap as he hung up with Buffy.

“If something is the matter, you can tell me. I'm grown enough now to be told adult things. I may not understand fully but it's better then worry right?” Willow nodded and patted Giles on the shoulder before giving him a small kiss. It was evident that young Willow could sense his frustration and fear. Putting his arms around Willow Giles sighed.

“I'm afraid something very bothersome has happened here my darling, and I'm not sure if you should be told at all, but you do have a right to know. This might come as a shock to your small world, but monsters are real, and one has worked it's evil magic here on you and your little friends.”

Willow looked up at him studying his face curiously as he spoke, the way his face had wrinkled let her know Giles was telling the truth. “I know something is wrong, that's why I'm not asleep.” She sighed, then leaned back in his arms resting her head on his chest, gripping Giles shirt for safety.

Giles kissed the top of Willow's head, he wasn't surprised. The tiny witch had always been wise beyond her years. “I made a promise to protect you and the others, and I'll find a way to fix this lot of mess.” “I'm sure you will.” The sleepy child closed her eyes and dozed off to dreamland.

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