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Chapter 1: Life's A Bowl Of Icing

Author's Notes:

Licking the last traces of sugar from her thumb Tara smirked as she leaned back to admire her work. This had to be the best piece she had done in a long time. It was a four tier modern wedding cake that was both sensual and chic. There was just something about the pink, black, and white outer layers with pink ribbon that gave her a little twinge of excitement throughout her body. Plus the red velvet cake that was hidden inside was beyond scrumptious. Tara sighed and wished she had left a little piece for herself

She had been asked by her best friend (and co-worker) Faith to design the cake for one Miss Willow Rosenberg, (soon to be Osborne.) Faith was stepping out of her normal rough around the edges character to play Bridesmaid. Tara figured Faith had lost some sort of bet and was coned into the role. Tara never had the chance to met Willow but she knew the woman well from reading her series of popular Science fiction novels. Tara wasn't sure if she was going to intrude on the famous woman's wedding. Tara was the shy, quiet type which made social gatherings with complete strangers a challenge. But the offer was quite appealing, besides she still had time to sleep on it.

With a yawn Tara wheeled the cake into the large walk in freezer. Shut off the lights then took the back stairs to her cozy little apartment, which happened to be above the bakery. Living above her business was more of a convenience than anything else, as a bonus during the winter she simply didn't need to pay for heat.

Tara lived alone only with the company of her one year old Husky pup Athena to keep her company. Tara was never much of a social butterfly sure she had friends she had kept from her master baker course, as well as employees to keep her company but it was still hard for her, and even more of a struggle to find a companion.

Tara had been born in small town Canada, then took a great chance in moving to New York in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a great baker, which she had successfully accomplished. Things in the states were very different then back home, even though she had lived here for nearly four years, it still felt somewhat strange to her. Faith had tried on many occasions to drag Tara out and into the night scene. This however most of the time failed, seeing she was never much of a drinker, and the stuff to her just tasted awful.

Faith loved to dance wildly with anyone and everyone, while Tara would be nothing more than a coat rack and a taxi for the wild brunette. Life for Tara had been work, work work, she had contracted the workaholic gene from her Soup Nazi father, who was famous for his long days, that ran into night and not enough time at home with his family.

Unlocking the door to her apartment Tara bent down to greet the puppy who was wagging her tail furiously to her master's return. “Hey baby girl.” She grinned. “Did you miss me? Of course you did. And yes I have your treat right here but you must first sit pretty.” She waited and the pup responded by sitting quietly, waiting for the next command.

Tara took the homemade doggie treat from her purse and hid it behind her back. “Now speak..” This was responded with a woof then the pup lay down on her back demanding a rub. “Hey, I hadn't gotten to roll over yet silly.” She laughed and lay the treat on the floor. “Eat up quick because it's bedtime baby” Tara then walked off to her room, then peeled off her clothing, it and she usually smelled like a sugary vanilla mixture, there was not much need of a shower at the end of a day. Tara's cream coloured naked body, glistened from the crack of light coming creeping through curtains in her bedroom, as she slipped under the covers. Athena joined Tara at the foot of the bed. “Night princess.”

The chime of the bells above the shop door alerted Tara to a customer's arrival, this she could hear from the back room. Tucking a stray blonde lock behind her ear Tara wiped her hands in her apron and made way to the front of the store. Tara gasped as she recognized just who had stepped into her shop, the picture on the back cover of Willow Rosenberg’s

books done the woman no such justice. This woman was breathtakingly beautiful. Long wavy locks of red hair swayed around her shoulders as she stepped toward the counter. Tara couldn't keep her eyes of this woman's bright green eyes, that just happened to match the dress she was wearing.

If it wasn't for the sunlight bursting in through the window, Tara would have sworn she had seen an angel.

“Good morning!” Willow's words came out smoothly past her lush ruby lips. Suddenly Tara had a flash in her mind, a vision of herself jumping over the counter, ripping every stitch of clothing from the Willow's body with her teeth, then ravishing her against the display case. Tara blinked to snap herself back into reality but she still couldn't help but smirk.

“Oh it's a great morning, indeed.” Tara was still sporting a shit eating grin on her face but tried quickly to not seem like a total whack job. “What can I help you with today Miss Rosenberg? No orders to fill today so your wish is my command.” She nodded, although shy around the right company Tara could be quite slick.

Willow wasn't sure at first what to think of Tara, she knew how much of an amazing baker Tara had been seeing they had shared a mutual friend in Faith, the spunky brunette couldn't push their baked goods enough so Willow finally cracked and asked for samples. However Willow wasn't expecting to be greeted by a curvy blonde Cheshire cat this morning. From the way Faith described her Tara was a shy workaholic with a special gift for food and today she wanted to taste the magic first hand.

Willow smiled, and made sure she wasn't drooling, her mouth had begun to water when she first stepped into the door. The shop just smelled like heaven, if she had a choice in where she would die it would be here, happy and full of sugary goodness. The author just couldn't help herself when it came to sweets. She smiled. “Well I was hoping to get a peak at the cake, I know it's not exactly Saturday just yet but I can't wait to take a look you know how it is?”

It was an interesting concept but Tara couldn't help but frown and shake her head. “Haven't a clue but come on back.” Since she was a little girl Tara had always been compelled to tell the truth, it just came naturally to her no matter how hard it was at times, it was what she always knew to be right. Her brutal honesty was part of why she figured she wasn't surrounded by friends. Tara lead the beautiful red head to the back of the shop, through the storage room then and pulled open the freezer door. “Wouldn't mind giving me a hand would you?” She smiled.

“Not a problem, gosh this is so exciting, the stuff you dream about when you are a little girl, pretending your prince will ride up on a horse and whisk you away, to get married on the beach under the sun. Oh forgive me I have a habit of babbling.” She laughed and walked into the freezer to help Tara pull out the cake to get a better look at it. Once they were done Willow clapped her hands and bounced on her heels.

“Oh wow that looks amazing, thank you so much you got it exactly right. I can't wait to taste it. You are coming aren’t you? I know Faith said you weren't sure of your schedule but I'd love it if you came, so I could pimp you out to all my friends and family.” She laughed.

Tara was delighted that Willow was so over joyed upon seeing the cake, she had been a nervous wreck about it from the second she took down the order. She'd never made a cake for someone with celebrity status, or someone she admired. Her blue eyes gleamed and she grinned, how could she turn this woman down? “Oh alright, I'll come, I'll come. But go easy on the pimping, just a little at a time, I'm known for taking on too much work at a time, I'm a raging workaholic. Oh don't worry about the babbling either, I'm good at it too when someone cracks me open.” She laughed as they set the cake back into the freezer.

They were making their way back to the front of the store when Tara pushed on the door finding it wouldn't open. She gasped. “Oh shit, not again, not now.” The blonde started to panic and fight to open the storage room door. “This is what I get for asking Faith to call the maintenance people.” She was almost scared to turn around and face the other woman, but once she did Willow was laughing.

“Oh what a day! It's all right really, we'll find a way out.” Willow took out her cellphone but she found there was no reception in the small room. “Um what time does Faith usually come in?” She questioned now a little worried.

Tara scowled. “Whenever she feels like prancing in unfortunately, but I can't fire her she was the one who helped me get this place off the ground.” She sighed. “Her shift is supposed to start at three, which isn't for a couple hours. Um at least we won't starve?” She chuckled.

It was starting to look like they were stuck, she didn't however want the woman to panic. “Well then break open the baked goods, looks like we'll be here a while.” Willow sat on a turned over pile of milk crates, making sure her dress was in order, however not before showing off a lot of thigh.

Tara couldn't help but sneak a peak, she hadn't been this close to such a beautiful woman in a long time and her libido had gone haywire as of late, which reminded her she was out of batteries, again. Tara swept the thought out of her mind and handed the sultry red head a box of her favorite chocolate eclairs. “Try these but I must warn you, they'll go straight to your toes, make your thighs tingle and then rest nicely on your ass.” She giggled and bit into the one she had taken for herself.

Willow chuckled and took one of the sweet treats she tapped hers against Tara's in toast. “Here's to a wider waist line.” She grinned.

Two and a half hours had past, the women had spent this time filling themselves whit as much sugar as humanly possible. Both were sitting on the floor next to each other, surrounded by an ocean of empty boxes with hardly a trace left in either of them. There still didn't seem to be any sign of Faith but neither of them had even noticed they were too busy telling stories and laughing.

“...By the time I realized what he was doing he was down on one knee in the middle of the ice skating rink, and it's not like I could, very well say no while everyone was watching us...” Willow paused as Tara caught her eye.

Tara's brow rose as she leaned in toward Willow nearly nose to nose now. “Would you have said no if you were alone?” She questioned, her body was buzzing with sugar as well as the thrill she had gotten being with this woman for the last few hours, and found she was just as amazing as she thought.

It was either being confined in such a closed space for such a long time or their blood being replaced by sucrose that lead to Willow leaning in towards Tara to grasp her by the neck to pull her in for a deep kiss. But whichever it was Tara sank into the other woman's lips pushing her tongue past the other woman's to sucking, this sent electric shock waves over her entire body. It had been a long time since Tara felt that alive, deep down she knew it was wrong but neither of them were stopping.

Tara on instinct laced her fingers through the Author's hair, letting out a moan she pulled the other woman closer needing to feel Willow's slender body pressed against her own. Tara felt like she had died and gone to some place near heaven, not being there many times she figured this is what it was like.

Before anything had gone any further the door was forced open with Faith standing over them watching as they groped each other. She wouldn't have been so shocked if this weren’t so out of character for both of them. “Oh shit, did I just take a wrong turn and end up in Vegas?” She snickered.

“Uh let me just back track and get out of your hair, I have work to start anyway.” She backed out of the room and as she did both women spoke at the same time.


When Faith had gone both women had kind of snapped back out of the trance they had just been in. Willow rubbed her forehead then pulled her messed up dress back into place as she quickly got up. Moments before she swore she was drunk or slightly insane, but even in that hazy moment, she still had felt something for Tara.

“Um look, let's just keep this between us okay? Ah if it's not too awkward I'd still like you to at least deliver the cake, it's fantastic really. Thank you.” Willow started to inch away towards the door clutching her purse in her arms as if it were some sort of life saver. “Bye...” With that she was gone.

Tara was left in a confused heap on the floor. What the hell had just happened? What had come over her? And how did it get so far? She had no answers to any of these questions, but all she felt she could do was put her head in her hands and cry. She hadn't imagined it, the steam between them was there in all its unholy glory. In her heart she knew it could never be between them. She was a customer who was getting married in a short while, to a man no less. Tara was far from a man, and far from rich, she had a snowballs chance in hell with that amazing woman, so she let the tears fall...

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