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Name Wolfen
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Joined 11th March 2008 09:45 PM
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Fanfictions authored by Wolfen

To Return by Wolfen -  Reviews(2)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: R 
Summary: Faith is a creature of Darkness, not by nature but by choice. Buffy is the light that should burn her. Tara is the thing that keeps Faith sane. Please Review. Fuffy-Faith/Buffy fic.
Characters: Buffy,Faith,Giles,other,Spike,Tara,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith Tara/Willow
Published: 25th May 2008  Updated: 02nd June 2008  Status: In Progress
Genre: Romance/Drama/Action/Adventure/Mystery  Words: 8605  Chapters: 6 -  Rating: 5 -  LATEST

Hunt to Claim by Wolfen -  Reviews(3)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: PG-13 
Summary: Fuffy fanfic! She's hunting, she knows that. What is she hunting? You'll have to read to find out. But it's only a chapter so please do read and review. Thank you!
Characters: Buffy,Faith,other
Ship: Buffy/Faith
Published: 27th March 2008  Updated: 27th March 2008  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Mystery  Words: 1163  Chapters: 1 -  Rating: 0 -  LATEST