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Name Audiodream
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Joined 14th September 2007 08:59 PM
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Favourite Fanfictions of Audiodream

Bed of Roses by KW_Jordan -  Reviews(265)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: Relationships suck, the Chosen Two try something a little different for them, and the unlikely becomes likely. (Post S7. Some relation to the comics, though I do add some originality)
Characters: Buffy,Dawn,Faith,Giles,Kennedy,Renee,Satsu,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith Kennedy/Willow Buffy/Satsu Renee/Xander
Published: 18th November 2008  Updated: 20th October 2010  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Humor/Drama  Words: 88581  Chapters: 42 -  Rating: 1.50225 -  LATEST

Dusk by invalid_reality -  Reviews(73)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: Post Chosen/Slightly AU: Buffy and Faith are having a rather heated affair unknown to anyone else in their lives. When things start to become more serious between them, the two are torn between doing what's right and continuing doing what they feel is right for them.
Characters: Buffy,Dawn,Faith,Giles,Kennedy,other,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith
Published: 08th October 2009  Updated: 23rd January 2010  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/PWP  Words: 38070  Chapters: 10 -  Rating: 5 -  LATEST

As You Were by invalid_reality -  Reviews(59)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: A little twist on season 8...something happens to Faith and she's no longer who she was. The PtB have greater plans for her as a Slayer and as a lover
Characters: Buffy,Faith,Giles,other,Satsu,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith Buffy/Satsu
Published: 16th November 2009  Updated: 08th December 2009  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/Suspense  Words: 23719  Chapters: 9 -  Rating: 5 -  LATEST

Resolute by invalid_reality -  Reviews(121)
Category: Female/Female 
WARNINGS: Minor character death  Rating: NC-17 
Summary: Taking what you want is never easy. When tragedy befalls Faith, Buffy ends up being the one there for her, yet she has her own needs, her own wants and desires and she is determined to take and give what she wants
Characters: Buffy,Dawn,Faith,Giles,other,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith Faith/other
Published: 26th September 2009  Updated: 11th November 2009  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst  Words: 69752  Chapters: 14 -  Rating: 4.95238 -  LATEST

Faith In Family by georagetaz -  Reviews(505)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: ...faith has turned a whole new leaf...but will her changing for the good end up costing her everything? This is turning out to be a long one...who knew...but I think...in the end...there will be a little something...for everyone
Characters: Buffy,Dawn,Faith,Kennedy,other,Satsu,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith Faith/other
Published: 11th November 2008  Updated: 24th August 2009  Status: In Progress
Genre: Romance/Drama/Action/Angst  Words: 175714  Chapters: 88 -  Rating: 0.236742 -  LATEST

Banana Love by 4chunfvrsthbrave -  Reviews(41)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: For the "Cave Slayer Challenge" on Oralfxatn's Yahoo group. Takes place after season 8.
Characters: Buffy,Faith,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith
Published: 10th October 2008  Updated: 29th December 2008  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Humor/Action/Adventure  Words: 22081  Chapters: 5 -  Rating: 5 -  LATEST

Welcome To The Jungle by shamrock_50 -  Reviews(18)
Category: Female/Female 
WARNINGS: Gross Out Alert for Chapter 3  Rating: R 
Summary: Written for Oralfxatn\'s Cave Slayers Challenge. Set post-Chosen, Faith is called back into the fold to help with an unusual, but familiar problem.
Characters: Buffy,Faith
Ship: Buffy/Faith
Published: 21st October 2008  Updated: 30th October 2008  Status: Completed
Genre: Action  Words: 11036  Chapters: 4 -  Rating: 5 -  LATEST

Come Back Soon by claymonster -  Reviews(25)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: PG 
Summary: Buffy hasn't been seen since she killed Angel, but she's coming home to help fight the first.
Characters: Anya,Buffy,Dawn,Faith,Giles,other,Tara,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith Tara/Willow Dawn/other
Published: 21st July 2008  Updated: 03rd August 2008  Status: In Progress
Genre: Romance/Drama  Words: 13990  Chapters: 12 -  Rating: 4.8 -  LATEST

Future Results Of A Past Mistake by ftvs -  Reviews(31)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: Buffy makes a bad choice after the fall of the First. Faith moves away, then breaks away completely from everyone. A new big bad, or actually a Hell God family move to town and Faith is needed... will she help?
Characters: Buffy,Dawn,Faith,Giles,Kennedy,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith Kennedy/Willow Faith/Kennedy
Published: 02nd May 2007  Updated: 28th July 2008  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Drama/Action/Adventure/Angst/Suspense  Words: 18634  Chapters: 12 -  Rating: 4.5 -  LATEST

The Road Less Traveled by DushkuHasDibs -  Reviews(85)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: R 
Summary: Set immediately post-Chosen. The destruction of Sunnydale has the scoobies on the run.
Characters: Andrew,Buffy,Faith,other,Willow,Wood,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith
Published: 30th March 2008  Updated: 10th July 2008  Status: Completed
Genre: Drama/Angst  Words: 26270  Chapters: 11 -  Rating: 4.89394 -  LATEST

The Jacaranda Tree by Prophecy Girl -  Reviews(2)
Category: Non-Shipped 
Rating: PG-13 
Summary: Buffy craves the warmth and familiarity of California when she becomes ill. Post-Chosen.
Characters: Buffy,Faith,other
Published: 08th July 2008  Updated: 08th July 2008  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst  Words: 6069  Chapters: 6 -  Rating: 0 -  LATEST

Bikini Fic by Bobbi -  Reviews(61)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: A Fuffy story set after Season Seven
Characters: Buffy,Faith
Published: 04th November 2006  Updated: 15th November 2006  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Humor  Words: 53884  Chapters: 9 -  Rating: 5 -  LATEST

I'm Not In Love by TidalWave -  Reviews(40)
Category: Female/Female 
Rating: NC-17 
Summary: Set during "Bad Girls". What if cops hadn't gotten in the way and Finch hadn't showed....
Characters: Angel,Buffy,Faith,other,Oz,Willow,Xander
Ship: Buffy/Faith Buffy/other Oz/Willow Angel/Buffy
Published: 29th March 2006  Updated: 06th May 2006  Status: Completed
Genre: Romance/Angst  Words: 62181  Chapters: 22 -  Rating: 3.63636 -  LATEST